VCE Chemistry 3

7 Great ExamMate Apps

We are pleased to announce we now have 7 great ExamMate Apps on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Our range of ExamMate apps lets you quickly test your understanding of core in topics, and is an excellent study tool when preparing for the exam.

Combining the use of hundreds of flash cards in each App and the Leitner system for sorting these Apps become a powerful tool to identify where you may be having trouble to fine tune your study and to focus on these areas.

Subjects now include:

  • VCE Biology 3 *
  • VCE Biology 4
  • VCE Chemistry 3
  • VCE Chemistry 4 *
  • VCE Health and Human Development 3 *
  • VCE Physical Education 3 *
  • VCE Psychology 4

* Enhanced support for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (gen. 5)

Released for both iPhone and iPad, with high quality graphics and text flash cards.

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More Apps on the way!

We are glad to now have a number of ExamMate subjects on the App Store and already have more on the way, so stay tuned! We are also looking into other platforms and invite your feedback for other devices other than Apple.



Already we have received some great feedback and positive encouragement of what we have currently delivered is a great study aid and can make all the difference gaining those extra marks from an exam. Just a small sample of the positive feedback we have received:



For the last few years we have been running a large tutoring services website Seek a Tutor. We have a passion for education and recently have decided to branch out into the mobile and tablet scene.